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Taking Advantage Of That One Second

Jack Thomas Motorsports makes that one second count. Whether it’s overtaking a car and winning the race or capturing the intensity of both cars as they face off head to head on the straights, Jack Thomas Motorsports captures those moments. Specializing in track, motorsports, and any automotive event coverage in the United States, have your motorsports coverage captured and marketed by Jack Thomas Motorsports today.


Every photo tells a story.  Whether it’s for manufacturers, media outlets to teams, drivers, and sponsors, have a professional motorsport photographer capture the emotions and intensity for all your marketing material today.


Relive the action through the lens of our photography. Specializing in capturing those exhilarating and exciting moments in Motorsports. You can find us at local track events in Southern California as well as numerous time attack race series including Global Time Attack, Super Lap Battle, SCCA, NASA, and Gridlife events all over the United States, have all your promotional material handled by a professional today.


Positioning and angles determine the mood and feeling of the photo. As we’ve visited hundreds of circuits around the United States, we understand the best coverage to make your event and cars shine by visiting and scoping out the track before every event. Whether it’s knowing where the cars jump the kerb to which tree to climb for the best access, we make sure to capture the key moments for your event today.

Global Time Attack
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