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Photography Services 

It only takes is one second.


One second to make a better turn in the corners. 

One second to see that opening and take the lead. 

One second to capture those moment.


Jack Thomas Motorsports makes that one-second count.


Every photo he captures, he retells the story about the race. 


The tense atmosphere, the rush of air as cars blows by, and the energy as the green flag is waved. 


All of these moments are recorded into his camera, and you can experience the whole race through his lens today.


Whether it’s photography for a large group or video production for digital and social media campaigns, Jack Thomas Motorsports can capture and deliver engaging promotion material for your company.


Here are the services that we provide:



Freelance & Contracted Photography

Editorial Copyrighting

Commercial Campaign Photos

Video Product for Digital and Social Campaigns

Corporate Blogging

Motorsports and Event Photography

Video Content for Social Media

Full-Service Social Media Management

Still Photography for Broadcast and Product Management 

Automotive Photography

Specializing in motorsports, automotive, fitness and all industries in the United States, lets us help you build your brand. 

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